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Jon Hrubesch
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
About Me
Jon Hrubesch is a freelance artist who lives in Wisconsin with his wife and three children. When he is not working as a graphic artist and newscast director for a local NBC affiliate, he illustrates images of science fiction and fantasy.

Dark Matter T.V. Series
Fantasy Flight Games
KnA Games
Nerosive Studios

Expose 11
ImagineFX Special 100th Issue
Digital Art Techniques & Process

If you would like me to work on a commission for you please contact me at:

You can now purchase your own copy of the Space Movers Board Game that was successfully Kickstarted!  

I worked on the artwork for the board game over the better part of a year with KnA Games before the Kickstarter went live and continue to contribute to the creation of additional card decks, roll boards, and comic books. 

Check out more about the Science Fiction Adventure Board Game at this link:

Follow the Space Movers Facebook Page here:…

Get, what I believe, may be the best online price for the game at Atomic Empire Here:…

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Lost by JonHrubesch
"I think we took a wrong turn somewhere."  I wanted to create an image of a man lost in space and time but it evolved into a young family.  It was nice to finally have a little bit of time to create my own image.  I managed to toss this together over the last three or four days in my free time.  
Bounty Hunter Standoff by JonHrubesch
Bounty Hunter Standoff

It's been a while since I found myself painting an image that I couldn't stop working on.  That happen with this image.  I had been playing around with an image in my head very much like the image I created but it was the bounty hunter ship in profile.  The bounty hunter would be standing in front of his ship on a landing platform with a hazy sunset lighting and a large planet in the sky.  I had the 3D build of the ship on the landing platform.  I had built it a while ago but when I tried to get the profile of it I was imagining I didn't like how it looked.  The design of the ship kept me wanting to see it from the front position.  With the aggressive forward sweeping, cannon mounted wing design, it made more sense to position the view looking toward that.  Having moved to this new position on the 3D model I set up a different image than the one I had in my head.  No longer was it and image of the bounty hunter meeting with the evil Universal Oversight from the board game story, It became more of a standoff between the Liberty ship's crew from the game and the bounty hunter.

My favorite images from Star Wars are the images of Cloud City.  So this is my version of the Falcon on the landing platform.

I started this image on a Sunday afternoon and worked on it until about midnight.  I was able to start with a base 3D model of the bounty hunter ship and platform to which I added the front nose of the Liberty crew's ship as another 3D element.  The angle saved me from having to repaint the bounty hunter as I had already painted him at that same angle.  I only had to plunk him in and add some haze and coloring overlaid on him.  Eli the one facing the bounty hunter with the red shirt is the only other character I painted new.  I pulled the other characters from a card I had done for the Space Movers board game.  So that help speed up my ability to finish in a day.

The sky is a photo I took about a month earlier.  I remember thinking that it was a perfect sunset image.  I would like to use it for the backgound and sure enough it worked into this image very well.  I had to paint out the Kentucky Fried Chicken building in the middle of it but it was worth it as it set the perfect mood for this image.

I wasn't asked to make this image for the board game for KnA Games but it was one of those images I just had to make once I had it in my head.

Bounty Hunter by JonHrubesch
Bounty Hunter
This is a new character for a Space Movers board game expansion card set.  It's an update from the one I posted recently.  The game is a love letter to science fiction so we use identifiable tropes from it.  My original bounty hunter image was done to mimic that of Boba Fett but it ended up looking too much like him so we decided to step it back a bit.  This is now what we agreed fits the look without becoming too much of a copy of the character we all know an love.  I also decided to paint him into an environment for this image.  

Here is a link to the board game:
Repairing the Conestoga  by JonHrubesch
Repairing the Conestoga
Book cover for the Colony Ship Conestoga book series by John Thornton.  

You can find more of his books here:…
Bounty Hunter by JonHrubesch
Bounty Hunter
This is a new bounty hunter character for the Space Movers Board Game.  The mandate was to have a obvious Star Wars influence.  I didn't add any logos to the costume.  That was something Kevin of KnA Games said he would do.


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Hi I just wanted to say your work is awesome and also I'm in love with your Profile avatar. He makes me smile :) keep up the good work!
JonHrubesch Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks!  Yeah, the avatar is the main character for the Space Movers board game I create artwork for.  I like him too. :)
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Hope you are having a happy birthday. :cake: :ahoy:
JonHrubesch Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I am!  Thanks!
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